Our Vision

Welcome to B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design! We partner with small businesses and brands to establish brand identity by creating modern websites, logos, flyers, graphics, book covers, social media ads, animated graphics, awareness graphics, branded apparel, and more in just 7-10 business days!

Your logo and website are a part of your business's brand identity and gives your customers a competitive first and lasting impression to come back and shop with you again!Benefits of having professional graphic and web design services include:

Competitive Online Advantage

A digital head start.According to research, many small businesses still don't have a website, leaving you with a leg up over your competitors!

1st & Lasting Impression

Brand identity and content that counts!When your website and social media sites have a professional and consistent modern design flow, it will leave customers excited to come back and shop again.Wow your clients with an amazing first impression that leaves them coming back for more!

Worry-Free Marketing

Building an online presence.While today's marketing plan usually involves a successful combo of social media and other tactics, many small business owners choose one marketing technique over the other. But, utilizing your website and social media sites as free marketing tools will keep your customers wanting to engage with your brand.

Open for Business 24/7

Edit and forget it!Having a website may mean that you can literally make money while you sleep!

Becoming Legit

Building your client's trust.A website with current contact information, an FAQ section, Terms & Agreements, or Return Policy can make potential clients feel more secure when purchasing your products or services.

shop like a B.O.S.S.

Start your digital footprint today with our affordable design packages! You can now purchase our most popular design packages from our website or on Etsy! Please contact us for other packages and special design projects.

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Custom Card Skinz™

Welcome to our new line of custom debit/credit card skinz!" Instantly customize your ATM, debit, and credit cards with our customized skins! Each "skin" is a HD high quality sticker that fully covers the front of your card and stays attached to your card for a long time.Our skinz are fashionable and can be customized as business debit cards for both small and large companies!

Our Work

Here are some photos of our work over the years!

Popular Design Packages

Ready to B.O.S.S. up? Here's How It Works in 3 easy steps:Step 1: Pick Your Design Package. Choose from one of our popular design packages below and complete your invoice. If none of our current packages work, we can create a custom design package that fits your business. Step 2: Complete our online design form. Step 3: Send us the requested material...and Congrats! Enjoy your new site or graphic design project in just 7-10 business days!

*Prices are subject to change. You can now pay using PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, or debit or credit card. You can also contact us to request a different payment method. Please note that our Web Design packages come with one free product page. If purchasing a web design package, additional hosting fees and other fees may apply. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.For revision services, please click here.

The #BOSSup Package

Recommended. Our best deal! Basic Web Design Package, Logo, and 3 custom graphics for social media marketing. Some restrictions may apply.$795 | $599

Basic Web Design Package

5 page site designed with a continuous vertical scroll layout or modern section layout. One product or service page FREE! Some restrictions may apply.$599 | $499

Logo Design Package

Logo design or re-design without web design package.$579 | starting at $449

Social Media Ad Package

Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter ad graphics. Includes 1 animated ad and 2 traditional ads.$395 | $299

Book Cover Designs & Other Special Projects

Contact us for e-Commerce shops, book cover and digital cover art, custom business apparel, business cards, and other business needs. We'll be happy to send you a quote!

Gift Certificates

Perfect for multiple people to chip in and sponsor a Design package for the budding entrepreneur in your life!$20 & up

About Our Designer

Alethea Muhammad

“Twelve years ago, I began designing websites for family and friends, teaching myself how to code along the way. Eventually, my passion for art and design, my degree in Business Administration, and my love of supporting entrepreneurship led me to form Be your Own Success Story (B.O.S.S.) I have taught web design courses at my local library and I provide many web and graphic design services. Feel free to view a sample of past designs above. For business cards, music cover art, resumes/cover letters, and more graphic design projects, connect with me here!”

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Terms & Policies

In order for us to begin your design project, please read and agree to the following terms and policies.Exemption ClauseB.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design (and any representatives and affiliates of B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design) recognizes that your existing and future intellectual properties (websites, logos, designs, mottos, products, services, etc.) that we create for you belong to YOU and/or the business or entity that YOU REPRESENT. By contracting a web or graphic design service, you confirm that you are a legal representative of your above-mentioned business or entity, and you hold B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design (and any of its representatives) harmless from any and all incidents relating to you and your business or entity.Revision Service FeesWithin 7 days from the receipt of your design project(s), you are able to request small revisions with no service fees. After 7 days from the receipt of your project, the following revision service fees will apply.Small revisions: adding or deleting text content, adding, removing, or changing up to 5 photos, embedding up to 3 videos, or changing contact info. Small revision service fees are $30 per revision.Larger revisions: changing color themes and fonts, adding additional pages (if more than 5 pages), adding an icon navigation bar, adding more than 5 photos, adding more than 1 product for sale, inserting or adding music to your site, adding e-books or music for sale, or creating a custom slideshow. Our large revision service fee is $99 per revision. Revisions for other graphic design projects (logo packages, social media ads, business cards, letterheads, business apparel or gifts, as well as other graphic design projects not mentioned) will be billed the same as a new graphic design project.Privacy PolicyData Collection & Usage:Your privacy is important to us. We will only collect and use personally identifiable information when you fill out our website forms, in electronic mail (email) communication, during phone calls, or by text messaging (SMS/MMS/RCS technologies.)How We Protect Your Privacy: We protect all of the personally identifiable info mentioned above by storing the information using password protected databases, cloud storage, and email servers.Third Party Exceptions:Your and sites belonging to B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design may link to other external websites, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, Square, the Cash App, ACUITY SCHEDULING, and other third-party sites. Each of these third-party sites have their own separate privacy policies and are not covered by our Privacy PolicyRefund Policy:We want our clients to be pleased with our services, and will strive to accommodate your requests. Please be sure to double check all design services and invoices prior to purchase. Though we do not offer refunds on any of our design services or products, please feel free to reach out if you need further clarification or to request a one-time courtesy small revision. (Please see the previous description for a list of what's considered a "small revision.")

Who we Are

B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design is a leading design firm that partners with small businesses and brands to establish brand identity. We do this by creating modern websites, logos, flyers, graphics, book covers, social media ads, animated graphics, awareness graphics, branded apparel, and more! Read more about our design firm here.Our Junior Design Boss Academy™ was created for young aspiring designers and entrepreneurs! We take the same steps used in our design process and teach student designers how to be visual creators.

Junior Design Boss Academy™: A Graphic Design Program for Young Aspiring Designers and Entreprenuers!

Our Design Program

Junior Design Boss Academy™ is more than just a coding class. While we do teach web design, our program focuses on the elements that make websites, apps, and businesses appealing—graphic design! Businesses need graphic design to establish their brand's very own identity. From the famous cursive lettering of Coca-Cola, to the lowercase font style of Amazon—brands use typography, color palettes, and visual cues to set them apart from their competitors. This is why graphic design is so important to both small businesses and large corporations!Our program guides young designers to be creative while teaching them modern design techniques that will help them cognitively (creativity, critical thinking, memory, etc.) and artistically. Over the duration of each program, your Jr. Design Boss will learn how to create logos, design websites, create their very own brand, and more! The "Boss" part of our program stems from our company name (B.O.S.S. Web + Graphic Design) but it also gives students the courage to be entrepreneurs by providing a much-needed service in the business community.Art and design are here to stay, and learning graphic design can be the first step to a long career in design, entrepreneurship, or both!If your child's school partners with Junior Design Boss Academy™ you may register your child by contacting the school. If not, contact us to find out how you can bring Junior Design Boss Academy™ to your school! :)

Alethea Muhammad

Meet Our Designer/Teacher

Twelve years ago, I began designing websites for family and friends, teaching myself how to code along the way. Eventually, my passion for art and design, my degree in Business Administration, and my love of supporting entrepreneurship led me to form Be your Own Success Story (B.O.S.S.) Web + Graphic Design.I have taught web and graphic design courses at my local library, and I am extending those courses for young designers in the Houston, Texas area and beyond!

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